About us.

Our philosophy is very simple. We concentrate on what we can do best:
The high quality manufacturing of pliers for a great variety of different applications.

Our company is based in Germany in a traditional location for tool manufacturing: Schmalkalden in the Thuringian forest. Much sought-after tools have been produced here for over 700 years thanks to the prevalence of red and brown hermatite (iron ore). We carry on this long tradition with our high quality pliers.

We are a manufacturer of quality pliers since decades. Our products are distributed throughout the world under the market name of “KWS” and also through B2B marketing. Alongside standard pliers, the tool range encompasses special pliers for jewellers, opticians, watchmakers and the electronics industry (ESD pliers). One speciality is the manufacturing of rosary pliers for manufacturing religious accessories.

What are the distinctive features of KWS pliers?

You can find the right pliers with us for your individual use.